JC Nolan is an artist, technologist and educator in the San Francisco Bay area. He was introduced to a love of art and philosophy at a young age by his parents, siblings and grandparents and has jumped from one artistic endeavor to another throughout this life, exploring the depths, flavor and nuance of each as he went. His published work has included bronze, oil painting, printing, photography, video games, graphic design, corporate imaging and digital media, and of course origami where he has published six books and is well known for his sense of humor and artistic diagramming style. The avatar Kirino is a portmanteau of Kirin which is a benevolent yet exacting and disciplined air-spirit of Asian cultures and Cyrano de Bergerac the literary character who used his poetry to hide behind to show his true essence to the world.


This website was coded and designed using the Uno - Creative Photography Template from CodeSymbol with custom extensions coded in PHP / JQuery via JC Nolan and is hosted on a custom webpage at godaddy.com. And includes the following nifty widgets:

  • mySql dateabase for login/security and gallery generation
  • centeralized dynamic menu driven through intellgent PHP script
  • code generated galleries
  • front page image randomization w/link out to associated gallery
  • support for arbitrary image widths in slideshows
  • ability to add images to galleries touching the website