The thing I most love about photography is that it allows me to let others see through my eyes. Being someone who has experienced great pain and challenge in my life but also someone whose core values of lovingkindness, individuality and non-judgementality, photography gives me the opportunity to show to others the beauty I see everywhere in the brilliance of the mundane.

When photographing I like to joke that I’m a “nature photographer whose favorite subject is humans.” Out searching for images I am always seeking to capture that decisive moment when a subject drops their guard, retracts the mask they wear to present to the world, and allows me to document their true essence – beautiful and true. Ultimately, I seek to create that sense of intimacy that one might see in a lover, trusted friend, relative… that vulnerability when we show up as ourselves; that fleeting moment we capture as we shift between our public self and our true self.

My current body of work is both bringing forth that vision of the beauty I perceive while concurrently acting as a mechanism for clearing old wounds around connection. Working with the archetype of the beautiful-girl-next-door who once presented as both inaccessible and unattainable; with greater resources and life experience I connect with those who were once frightening to co-invent and discover, creating a climate for co-invention and empowerment as we explore the vulnerability of beauty, desire, motivation and self-realization.